Eat Wisconsin Cheese Please

Explore Wisconsin and you will understand why it is America’s Dairyland. You won’t have to travel far to see cows – we have more than 1.25 million of these milk-producing

Wisconsin Cheese

marvels generate 20,000 pounds of it every year. And from ten gallons of milk comes one pound of cheese. We’ll skip the math and let you know Wisconsin produces 2.6 billion pounds of cheese annually.

Wisconsin’s award-winning cheese makers produce more than 600 varieties, types and styles of cheese. Pick a letter of the alphabet and we can name you a cheese made in Wisconsin. There’s asiago, blue, cheddar…and the list goes on and on.

Our ample supply of cheese is needed because everything tastes better with Wisconsin cheese. It’s a perfect snack atop a crisp cracker. It tastes

One of Wisconsin's dairy farms

good when it’s grilled. Sprinkle it over pasta. Place a slice on top off a burger and you have the perfect summertime meal. And lest we forget, it makes for good a dessert. Even writing about cheese cake makes your mouth water.

You can buy Wisconsin’s finest cheese throughout the state and we have a list for you to choose from. Wisconsin cheese is available on the farm, in the cheese plant, around the deli counter and atop the store shelf. While you Explore Wisconsin, east Wisconsin cheese please.

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